PFI Sustainable Agriculture Library
24629 180th St
Minburn, IA 50167
Instructions for Checking Out Books:

1. PFI members may select as many books they think they can read, below. Friends of
PFI or the farm, students, etc... may also request books.
Email or mail requests to Small
Potatoes Farm.

2. Within seven days, we'll mail you the requested literature.

3. Library materials may be held for up to 6 months.  Borrowers are responsible to mail
them back or deliver them. The cost to the borrower is return postage. We ask you
consider sending a small donation back with the books to offset the postage used
when the materials were sent to you. This is not a required fee.

4. If your selection is checked out, we will notify the borrower you are waiting for the

5. We welcome new books, etc... as donations to the library. Its solely up to the
librarian to determine whether they are suitable for cataloging into the collection.
Sorting and retrieval capabilities are limited with this website. You may download the following
Excel file, containing all but the 'New Additions' to sort through the accessions.
Excel Library File
New Additions
Made possible by a generous donation from Kathy Eastman
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Kingsolver, Barbara