Small Potatoes Farm is an intensively
managed, certified organic, human-scale
farm, focused on raising the highest quality,
best-tasting vegetables in central Iowa. Our
varieties are chosen with an eye toward taste
and quality.

We sell to individuals and households directly
as possible, primarily through our CSA.

Besides being certified organic by a federally
recognized certifying agency, we are always
striving for additional environmentally
sustainable practices.

We believe our success is based on
equitable relationships with those who eat
our food.
Small Potatoes Farm
24629 180th St.
Minburn, Iowa 50167

ph: 515-677-2438
Our Mission
May 2014
First bed of carrots is doing well.
Rick and Tillie leaving the field after transplanting the first
tomatoes for the season. There is an image below of the
completed project. Stacy, Rick, Matthew and Tillie put in
about 700 tomato, pepper and eggplants last Saturday
First planting of tomatoes. Deer got
about ten the first night.
Spinach will be arriving soon, barring
hail, heavy wind or rain, bugs, deer
and tornadoes.
Our new onion drying rack. Thanks to
Matthew and his carpentry skills.
Potatoes are up and on their way.
Garlic is looking good.