Small Potatoes Farm is an intensively
managed, certified organic, human-scale
farm, focused on raising the highest quality,
best-tasting vegetables in central Iowa. Our
varieties are chosen with an eye toward taste
and quality.

We sell to individuals and households directly
as possible, primarily through our CSA.

Besides being certified organic by a federally
recognized certifying agency, we are always
striving for additional environmentally
sustainable practices.

We believe our success is based on
equitable relationships with those who eat
our food.
Small Potatoes Farm
24629 180th St.
Minburn, Iowa 50167

ph: 515-677-2438
Our Mission
October 2013
Pedro digging sweet potatoes.
Tillie dutifully feeds and waters her cats each day, who are
doing great. Cinnamon, the female, is playful and bity, while
Cheeto, the male, is more reserved. They both get a trip to
the vet Thursday for some family planning surgery.
Oats aren't my favorite cover crop, but
they do winter kill and won't seed.
Can't have everything. This was peas
and beans earlier in the season.
Stacy washing sweet potatoes.

What is Rick doing?
Taunting Brian with his 4.2 lb sweet

Beat that.
Peppers, like the
leaves, have been
turning and they are